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LEWIN Medical group is a professional medical equipment manufacturer with certificates such as CE FDA ISO9001 ISO13485 SGS Rohs MHRA Free sales certificate and headquarter in Shanghai factory base located in Qufu city of Shandong province China We are professional manufacturer for operating lamp operating table obstetric table and medical pendant with more than 20 years experience we have two brand of LEWIN and LIQIAN and we have R D center in Shandong Shanghai Nanjing to launch new products to meet the needs for hospital every year Our products have been exported to the United States Europe Southeast Asia the Middle East and the South America market etc It is our aim to build long term...

Categories and Products

Round Type LED Operating Lamp

Single Dome Round OT Lamp

Good price led surgical lamp with FDA Ceiling type led operation lamp with UPS optional Hospital Led shadowless operating lamp Ceiling Led Shadowless Surgical Light Minor & Major Operating Room Light Led Hospital Theatre Surgical Operating Light Led OR Light Medical equipment round led light Medical devices led operating ot lamp Ceiling single dome led medical surgery light Therapy used operating led lamp OR room medical equipment led surgical light Single dome round OT lamp ceiling operating lights hospital ceiling led operating lamp hospital single head operating lamp round double head shadowless operating lamp Single Dome Round Ceiling Operating Light Led Surgical led round head light LED medical shadowless surgery lamp LED shadowless hospital surgery lamp Cold light surgical lamp 

Double Dome Round OT Lamp

LED surgical shadowless operating lamp Lewin ceiling wall mounted led operating lamp Ceiling type Operation Theatre Led Surgical Light Ceiling type medical equipment lamp double head surgical operating lamp two heads LED Shadowless operating lamp Round led shadowless OR room surgical lamp Double lamp heads OT lamp Hospital Surgical Equipment Ceiling Dual Led OT Light LED surgical light with HD camera Double Dome LED Surgical Operation Light medical equipment led ceiling operation light Double domes round OT lamp with FDA CE OT Light Ot Table Medical Equipment Double Dome Shadowless Operating Lamp Led Popular medical device led shadowless lamp Double dome Round surgical lamp Double lamp head operation lamp Shadowless round type surgical lamp 16000lux + 16000lux double dome round OT lamp 

Round OT Lamp with camera

Surgery LED lamp with camera system Long Life span led surgical lamp with camera LEWIN surgical lamp with built-in/out digital video camera hospital equipment led surgical medical exam light Round OT Lamp With Camera Operating Light Double dome round OT lamp with camera system Emergency dual head lamp with camera system Camera round surgical lamp Camera round type surgical lamp Medical device led operating lamp with camera Dual lamp head led light with camera system led surgical operation lamp with FDA LCD touch screen shadowless operating lamp LED medical operation lamp hospital ceiling ot lamp with camera system Hospital Video Camera Operating Light LED OPEARTING LIGHT WITH CAMERA SYSTEM Double heads round OT lamp ceiling wall mounted Color temperature adjustable medical led operating light Double Dome Ceiling OT Light With Camera System & Wall Controller 

Round Mobile OT Lamp

CE approved operation room mobile surgical lamp CE approved mobile surgical lamp Mobile Floor Type Shadowless Operating Operation Light Floor Stand Portable Led Operating Light Floor Stand Mobile Operating Room Surgical Light Floor Stand Portable Emergency Surgical Light medical devices mobile led surgical light Floor type LED Operating Lamp with wheels Ceiling mounted single head LED Operated Light Hospital Operation Room LED OR Lamp Round mobile OT lamp portable operating light Round floor type mobile led lamp Mobile round surgical lamp Mobile LED surgical lamp 2018 Mobile LED battery operation lamp Floor mobile led surgical light with battery Mobile led surgical light round mobile OT lamp mobile ot lamp with battery Mobile led surgical shadowless lamp stand type movable surgical operating lamp 

Flower Type LED Operating Lamp

Single Dome Flower OT Lamp

color temperature adjustable LED surgical lamp Shadowless led petal surgical light Creled3400 CE approved LED operation light Single dome LED shadowless hospital operating light single dome CreLed3300 LED Shadowless operating lamp Lewin Medical Single Dome Led Surgical Lighting System Hospital single arm ceiling light LED bulbs medical shadowless lamp Health devices with CE led operation lamps medical equipment led operating room light Flower type surgical lamp Flower type LED ot light shadowless ceiling operating lights medical device ceiling surgery lamp Single arm flower petal led surgical lamp Single dome flower OT lamp Single Dome Flower Ceiling Surgical Light Led Flower type led shadowless lamp Ceiling mounted single dome flower OT lamp Double domes single dome flower OT lamps 

Double Dome Flower OT Lamp

flower shape design ceiling surgical operating lamp Medical price shadowless surgial light opration lamp Color temp adjustment ceiling led operation lamps Led Dual Operating Surgical Light CMEF hotsale ceiling type LED operating lamp CreLed 3400/3400 led surgical OT lamp CreLed3300/3300 shadowless surgical lamp Medical equipment double head lamp Hot selling petal light dual head led surgical lamp with FDA Led operating lamps with Ondal spring arm Two lamp head surgical instrument shadowless light LED680/680 Double dome flower surgical lamp Main and satellite Two Color LED Operating Lamp Flower surgical lamp with camera Double dome flower type surgical lamp Flower type LED operation light Camera flower type surgical lamp Double dome flower OT lamp double head ot medical operating lamp 

Flower OT Lamp With Camera

Petal shadowless lamp with camera HD camera system led operating lamp medical surgical instruments dermatology lamp Single lamp head with camera system Double domes flower OT lamp HD camera system double dome shadowless surgical lamp Ceiling singel dome surgial lamp with camera Built in Sony camera OR room surgery light single head led operating lamp with camera system Perfect cold light medical surgery lamp with camera 

Flower Mobile OT Lamp

Mobile operating light floor type ot lamp CE FDA mobile surgical operating lamp Mobile 3 petal led surgery light Mobile flower type OT lamp medical device led mobile surgery lamp Mobile LED Flower Type Operating Lamp Mobile examination led light movable led operating surgical lamp Flower shape mobile OT lamp movable surgical operation lamp Hospital equipment emergency shadowless operating lamp Hospital portable petal examination lamp with battery movable led surgical lights for deep operation 

Hollow Type LED Operating Lamp

Single Dome Hollow OT Lamp

Single dome LED Shadowless Operating Lamp German Ondal spring arm led OT light cheap hollow type LED surgical lamp Sell good Asia medical ceiling operating light Hollow type single head clinic operating light Single hollow led shadowless light New product led surgery lamp Ceiling Mounted Minor Surgery Light Led Color Temperature adjusted LED Surgery OR Lamp Single Dome Hollow type LED Surgery OR Light Single head Hollow type LED OR lamps Operating theatre ot lamp hospital ot led light Hollow type operation LED light Operation light with Ondal spring arm First-Aid Devices Type surgical lights Single Dome Hollow Ceiling Shadowless Light Led Hollow type Creled5700 led surgical light OR room surgical equipment led operation lamp Hospital operation theatre room led surgery lights 

Double Dome Hollow OT Lamp

Hollow type LED surgical lamp Good illumination Double domes led surgical lamp Double head hollow type operating lamp Positions good and stable hospital operating lamp Double dome hollow OT lamp shadowless operating light CreLed 5500/5500 surgical operating lamp shadowless surgical OT lamp with FDA Adjust color temp hollow perfect shadowless lamp hospital equipment led ceiling mounted operation light Double Dome Hollow Hospital OT Light Led Main and satellite LED Operating Lamp Hollow type LED surgery lamp Hollow type shadowless operating lamp Hollow type hospital room LED light Double Dome Hollow OT Lamp Led Medical OR hollow lamp Ceiling and wall mounted led surgical lamps Double arms ceiling type led operation lights 2018 White LED Operation Lamp with good price More than 50000 hours lifespan led surgical lamp 

Hollow OT Lamp With Camera

hollow Creled5500 with camera system With camera led Osram bulbs surgical lamp Medical equipment ceiling mounted led surgical light Hollow shadowless surgical lamp with camera Surgical Operating Theatre Camera Systems LED Shadowless Surgical Lamp Surgery room led OT lamp Surgical hollow lamp with camera system Hollow type surgical operating lamp with camera New technology built in camera system led lamp Medicine health equipment led operating light OR led surgical lamp with camera system hollow surgical operation lamp with camera system 

Hollow Mobile OT Lamp

Design electric shadowless mobile operation light mobile Led shadowless Operation Lamp Floor type OT light with battery medical devices led mobile surgical light Wheels mounted LED Operating Lights Hollow type mobile surgical lamp New design floor type hollow light surgical operating lamp with battery Hollow type mobile OT lamp with battery battery operated mobile led operating light Floor type led lamp with battery stand type led operating light Portable OT lamp electric adjust the illumination Led mobile operating lamp with battery led operating light surgical exam shadowless surgical lamp Hollow Mobile OT Lamp OR Light with Battery Hollow Mobile OT Lamp portable type surgical light Medical equipment floor type led operation light 

Examination Lamp

Mobile led lamp suitable hospital surgical Medical LED examiantion light Vertical LED Examination Light LED medical examination lamp Portable medical exam light with battery portable medical examination light Mobile black multifunction examination light Floor Mobile Led Medical Exam Light Floor Stand Mobile Gynecological Examination Light battery operated mobile medical examination light led medical gooseneck mobile examination light Portable Back-up Battery LED Exam Light Beauty center and hospital medical examination light Mobile medical examination lamp with battery LED examination lights by new design clinic use examination lamp gooseneck portable examination light Mobile type led medical device lamp Black examination lamp with led bulb 2018 Two color LED Examination Lamp with battery 

Halogen Operating Lamp

Single Dome Halogen Operating Lamp

Surgical equipment single dome OT light Wall mounted and ceiling optional shadowless surgery lamp single head halogen operating lamp OT Ceiling Halogen Operating lamp battery operated halogen operating lamp Hospital halogen shadowless operating lamp Medical Integral halogen operating lamp Medical lamp OR ICU room operating light wall mounted halogen operation lamp CreLite 600 Ceiling Halogen Shadowelss Operating Light Gynecological Halogen Surgical Operating Light Halogen bulbs shadowless light Patient surgical halogen light Ceiling mounted double single dome halogen operating lamp Single Dome Halogen Surgical Operating Lamp Single Dome Halogen Surgical Operation Lamp Gynecology Obstetric Halogen Operating lamp Ceiling Operation Room Halogen Shdowless OT Light ceiling shadowless operating lamp OT Surgical Operating Lamp 

Double Dome Halogen Operating Lamp

OR room Ceiling shadowless operation light Medical ceiling halogen operating lamp with CE Clinic center ICU OR Room Operating Lamp 2018 LEWIN Medical Halogen Shadowless Operating Lamp Halogen Veterinary Surgical Lamp Ceiling Halogen Surgical Operation Theatre Light double head ceiling type operating light CreLite 500/500 shadowless halogen operating lamp Halogen source double arm lamp ISO approved halogen shadowless operating lamp Medical dental halogen lamp Halogen shadowless lamp with camera double head surgical operation lamp Double Dome Halogen Surgical Operation Lamp CreLite 700/500 Low Price Double Dome Halogen Operating Lamp Overall shadowless surgical room operating lamps medical equipment halogen operation lamp with ce ceiling mounted halogen operation lamp for hospital dual head halogen medical lamp for hospital double dome surgical operating lamp 

Mobile Halogen Operating Lamp

Mobile halogen operation light with battery Mobile halogen bulb operating lamp Floor Stand Portable Animal Halogen Surgical Light mobile portable halogen surgical lamp Mobile Halogen Shadowless Operating Lamp Mobile halogen operating lamp with battery Mobile halogen shadowless operating light Mobile halogen examination lamp Floor type examination halogen lamp Rechargeable battery Mobile Halogen Operating Lamps Portable medical instrument surgical halogen light Mobile operating lamp with battery floor type 

Halogen Operating Lamp With Camera System

Double Dome Halogen Operating Lamp with Camera System Halogen operation lamp with HD camera system Shadowless halogen lamp with camera system Halogen two head lamp with built in camera Camera halogen type surgery lamp Camera built-out halogen operating lamp Hospital device halogen light with HD camera system With 2 halogen bulbs ceiling OT lamp with camera 150W halogen operating theatre light for hospital Halogen Surgical Operation Lamp with Camera System Built out camera system shadowless lamp Built in camera system surgical light halogen ot lamp with camera system 

Operating Table

Electric Hydraulic Operating Table

Electric Hydraulic Operating Table Electric Hydraulic Surgery Operating Table Electric hydraulic operating table suitable hospital room OR Room Bed Hydraulic Operation table Battery electric hydraulic operation table 5 sections Applicable for X-ray use operation table Stainless steel OT table Operating table with parallel movement Electrical Hydraulic Multifunctional Operating Table Two control electric hydraulic surgery table Medical Electri Hydraulic Surgical Operating Table Electro hydraulic operation OT table Battery optional hydraulic electric operating table Hospital equipment electric orthopedic operating table High Quality Battery Electricial Hydraulic Operating Table Low position eye surgery hydraulic operating table CreBle 2100 Electric Hydraulic Operating Table Surgical electric operating table Electric hydraulic operating table OT low position electric hydraulic surgical operating table 

Manual Hydraulic Operating Table

Manual hydraulic Operating Table Manual hydraulic power source operation table Hospital Manual Hydraulic operating table Manual Operation Table (hydraulic system) Manual hydraulic Operting Table with Sliding movement Manual Hydraulic Operation Theatre Table medical equipment mechanical hydraulic surgical table Manual hydraulic operation room bed manual surgical operation table Hydraulic surgery hospital table Manual hydraulic operating table stainless steel hospital theare manual surgery bed Sliding Movement Manual Operating Table OT room surgical manual operating table manual power hospital surgical operating table 

Electric Operating Table

Medical electric operating table Operating tables with high quality and good price High security operating table 304 Medical Use Stainless Steel Electric Operating Table Electric Surgical Operating Room Table Electric Surgical Ophthalmic Operating Table for Optical Surgery Medical Equipment Electric Surgical Operating Table Ophthalmic Operating Tables For Eye Surgery Suitable ophthalmic operating table Eye Operating Table CreBle 1500 Ophthalmology Low position Operation Table Electric Operating Table Ophthalmic Surgical Bed Electric operating table with 5 sections electric operating theatre surgical table ophthalmology surgery operation table Electric Operating Table Ophthalmic Surgery Bed OT Light OT Table Medical Devices Professional hospital electric operating table Eye operation table in hospital hospital electric operating table 

Obstetric Table

Obstetric Examination Table

OBS Gynecological Examing Table Electric power source gynecology chair price Pink Multifunction Electric Obstetric Beds (Crelife 2000) Female electronic control obstetric beds Gynecological bed electric obstetric examination table Obstetric chair for women birth exam function Medical devices for OR room obstetric table Gynecological Obstetric Exam Bed with Different Colors medical equipment obstetric examination bed Semi-automatic obstetric examination bed electric obstetric examination table Obstetric examination table easy cleaning and disinfection Crelife 2000 obstetric examination table delivery bed Electric Obstetric Exam Table Electric Gynecological Examination Table Electric Gynecology Exam Table Electric Gynecological Table / Electric Gynecology Table Hospital OT room obstetric birth delivery bed Red color gynecology table for obstetric examination Electric Obstetric examination table two sections 

Obstetric Delivery Table

Obstetric Gynecology delivery bed with FDA Electric obstetric chair gynecological examination bed Electric Gynecology Obstetric Bady Delivery Table CE FDA approved gynecological examination table Obstetric electric hospital bed Ultra low bit delivery examination bed Gynecological Obstetric Electric Delivery Table Low Position Gynecological Obstetric Electric Delivery Bed Electric Obstetric Gynecological Delivery Bed Labour Delivery Recovery Bed LDR Bed Hospital Electric Labor and delivery Bed With battery labor and delivery birthing bed gynecology delivery mutifunctions birthing bed Female operation and baby birth bed hopital equipment gynecology examination labor table multifunctional electric obstetric gynecology delivery bed hospital LDR electric gynecology obstetric delivery bed LDR Electric Hospital Obstetric Bed Double switch electric labor bed LDR delivery and recovery bed 

Creport5000 Series Medical Pendant

Single Arm Electric Medical Pendant

single arm electric medical pendant Multifunction manual medical column Customize hospital equipment medical column Surgical device operating room medical pendant Aluminum alloy electric medical pendant Single arm electric surgical pendant Pneumatic braking system NICU ICU medical pendants 

Single Arm Manual Medical Pendant

ICU Medical Pendants for Anesthesia single arm series manual medical pendant New type medical pendant Convenient hospital medical pendant manual surgical pendant with single arm Surgical equipment OT room manual medical pendant Hospital OT room portable mobile medical pendant manual medical pendant single arm Floor type OR room medical pendant ICU single arm manual medical pendant Power column provide more space for ICU 340 degree range of arm rotation surgical pendant 

Double Arm Electric Medical Pendant

Double arms electric medical pendant Electric medical pendant for hospital Motorized ceiling type double arms electric medical pendant Surgical instrument dual arm electric medical pendant double arm ceiling electric medical pendant Dual arm electric surgical instrument pendant Anesthesia Pendant mechanical brakes icu room Double arms electric surgical pendant 

Double Arm Manual Medical Pendant

Double arms manual and electric medical pendants CrePort 5000 dual arm manual medical pendant Dual arm manual surgical medical pendant Double arms manual surgical pendant Ceiling surgical pendants medical pendant with monitor medical operating theatre pendants 

ICU Bridge

Medical pendants NICU Bridge ICU Bridge Pendant Series ICU ceiling type medical pendant hospital ICU Bridge Pendant ICU combination pendant NICU ICU bridge ICU bridge pendant in hospital OR room Operating theatre surgical pendant ICU pendant Hospital ICU Medical Bridge Pendant CrePort 3500 operating theatre bridge pendant Hospital medical device ICU bridge pendant Certificate CE ICU bridge for patients 

Creport3000 Series Medical Pendant

Single Arm Electric Surgical Pendant

electric single arm medical pendant New model single arm electric medical pendant Single Arm Electrical Medical Pendant Single Arm Electric Cavascope Surigcal Pendant ICU Room Pendant electric surgical pendant with single arm Hospital operation device ICU medical pendant Electric hospital medical pendant Multifunction electric single arm medical pendant Lewin Medical Pendant Customized Hospital electric surgical pendant Single arm electric surgical pendant with FDA Electric Single Arm Operation Theatre Pendant Single Arm Manual Medical Pendant Customized 

Single Arm Manual Surgical Pendant

Manual or electric medical pendants for ICU room manual type single arm medical pendant Manual power surgery pendant Single Arm Manual Cavascope Surgical Pendant Single Arm Manual Hospital Pendant Single arm manual surgical pendant ICU pendant Power column manual medical column for ICU Portable medical trolly surgical pendant with outlets Manual single arm medical pendant Multifunction hospital equipment medical column Ceiling manual single arm medical pendant Medical pendant single arm manual power single arm manual medical pendant 

Double Arm Electric Surgical Pendant

Double arm electric medical pendant Creport 3000 surgery medical pendant Double Arm Electric Cavascope Medical Pendant Single Arm Electric Anesthesia Pendant ICU Medical Equipment Surgical Pendants Ceiling mounted double arm electric surgical pendant Hospital OR room electric dual arm medical pendant CrePort 3000 double arm electric medical pendant Double arms ceiling mounted surgical pendants doubles arms electrical medical pendant hospital dual arms electric surgical pendant 

Double Arm Manual Surgical Pendant

double arms manual medical pendant double arm surgical pendant Double arm manual surgical pendant Double Arm Manual Surgical Pendants manual medical pendant with two arms Ceiling type double arm manual surgical pendant Convenience hospital equipment manual medical pendant double arm Ceiling Rotator Medical Pendant Ceiling dual arm manual surgical pendant Double arm manual surgical pendant for operation room 

ICU Room Bridge

Ergonomic control console ICU bridge with CE Creport 3500 Bridge Pendant for ICU room ICU Room Bridge Pendant Hospital ICU room medical pendant ICU room bridge with sliding move function Medical instrument surgical pendant For endoscopy surgery ICU room bridge ICU surgical pendant in hospital room ICU Room Bridge with CE Certificate Medical instrument ICU Surgical Pendant 

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